sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Posibles cambios para Rengar

Bonetooth Necklace 10 AD, 1 AD/Level Recipe: Hunter's Machete + Long Sword + 100gPASSIVE: 20% Increased damage to monsters 
3 Stacks: Rengar gains Flat Movement Speed while out of combat, or while in brush
6 Stacks: Leap range increased
          9 Stacks: Thrill of the Hunt lasts X seconds longer
          14 Stacks: Rengar gains % Movement speed for 2.5 seconds upon exiting brush 

 Battle Roar 
-No Longer grants Armor/Magic Resistance 
-Enemies hit with Battle Roar have their Attack Damage reduced 

 Bola Strike 
-Is now a skillshot 
-Increased Range 

 Thrill of the Hunt 
-Cooldown decreased 
-No longer plays Voice Over or gives an Icon to enemies within Rengar's sight/detection range 
-Consumes current Ferocity on cast 
- each point of Ferocity consumed increases the Duration of Thrill of the Hunt by 1 second. 
-No longer stealths Rengar for the duration 
-Duration greatly increased, scales with ult rank 
-Movement Speed increased 
-Rengar's first basic attack while in Thrill of the Hunt will cause him to leap at his target 
- Rengar retains the Movement Speed increase from Thrill of the Hunt for 3 seconds after leaping. 

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